Thank you to our advertisers

Two years ago we started to allow advertising on  The goal was to help the commercial ecosystem be more successful, by communicating with the millions of developers who use Eclipse. In the end, this has also turned into a nice supplement to our existing membership revenue.  In 2012, advertising on generated over $200K revenue for the Foundation, so it is making a significant impact on our budget.

I’d like to thank our advertisers Actuate, Froglogic, Genuitec, Modular Mind, Red Hat, Smart Bear, VMWare, Xored, Yatta, and Zero Turnaround for their generous support in 2012. Their participation in our advertising programs is helping to fund the services provided by the Eclipse Foundation.

I am also very proud of the results these companies get from advertising on  A banner ad on will typically get between 0.07%-0.39% click-thru rate, a promoted download .35%-1.3% click-thru rate and a promoted MPC solution will often see install rates increase 40+%. Pretty impressive results for our advertisers and certainly above industry averages!

I am looking forward to another successful year of working with our member companies that want to advertise on and help support the Eclipse community.