ALM Connect and EclipseCon Call for Papers: Deadline Coming Soon



The ALM Connect and EclipseCon Call for Papers deadline is less than 2 weeks away. We have some great submissions already but we want to see a lot more. The official call for papers provides all the detail but there are some areas where I’d like to see even more content.

1. ALM Connect was a great success last year, so we are doing it again. The goal of ALM Connect is to have sessions that cover all aspects of the software development lifecycle: tools, methodologies and people. The sessions don’t need to be specific to Eclipse but we certainly have a lot of Eclipse projects relevant to the software lifecycle. I think it would be great to have sessions on Gradle, Maven, Sonar, Scrum, Kanban, PLM, Requirements management, testing, continuous deployment, devops, etc. and I expect to see sessions on Mylyn, Tycho, Git, Hudson, Gerrit, etc.

2. Eclipse 4 will be an important topic for EclipseCon 2013. Tell us how you are using it to build your application or what are the best steps to migrate an RCP application based on 3.x to 4.2.

3. New speakers. I’d love to see new people talking at EclipseCon. If you have never had the opportunity, please please send us a proposal.  We love to hear new ideas.

The great thing about Eclipse is that it is a diverse community so any topic will be of interest to the EclipseCon program committe. If you have something interesting to say, let us know your idea.

The deadline for submission is November 19, 2012.  We typically get more than half our submissions in the last week but why not submit this week  to beat the rush.