Announcing Eclipse Day at the Googleplex, 2012 Edition

Google is a great supporter of Eclipse and open source in general. Therefore, I am always thrilled to have the opportunity to organize a new Eclipse Day at the Googleplex. This will be the fifth year we have organized the event and each year it proves to be a great learning experience. As always, we appreciate the support and sponsorship provided by the Google Open Source Program Office.

The 1-day event will be held on December 12 at the Googleplex. We have a great line-up of speakers from Eclipse projects and Google projects. This year there is a $40 registration fee that will be a Friend of Eclipse contribution to the Eclipse Foundation. In the past, registration was free but we had a high number of no-shows so we decided to make it a bit more of a commitment than just signing up online.

We are also organizing an Ignite session to showcase what people are doing with Eclipse. If you have some ideas, please send me an e-mail.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Googleplex on December 12. Remember to register today. Each year this event sells out.

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