Comments and Suggestions from the Eclipse Survey

At the end of the Eclipse Community Survey we ask for general comments and suggestions about Eclipse and the Eclipse Foundation. I decided to respond and highlight some of them.

I want to know about e4 more detail. But I feel those information don’t meet my expectation. So please give me more information in public space. Thanks for your great efforts every day.

A good source of information about Eclipse 4 is the wiki and the Eclipse 4 home page.  I do appreciate more documentation is always needed.  🙂

Great product.

Keep up the great work

Thank you and we will.

Document it better, i will eagerly contribute.

Please do start contributing documentation.  I’d suggest you post an e-mail to the project mailing list, introduce yourself and let them know what you want to document.

The first thing I do when installing a fresh copy of Eclipse is to grab all the plugins that I use. The integrated Eclipse marketplace is helpful, but only lets me install one plugin at a time. Some sort of “shopping cart” would be useful so that I could select multiple plugins though the marketplace and install them all simultaneously.

You can actually do this today with the Marketplace Client.  After you select the first plugin, just hit the back button and select additional plugins.

Eclipse was the first IDE I ever used for serious software development. It sure has its issues, but still remains my first choice as other IDEs keep me sighing for their shortcomings.

Please keep up the good work, and please DO more promotion for the Eclipse 4.x line.

I only found out this week it is actually already in a quite usable state.

As of the upcoming Juno release, Eclipse 4.2 will be the mainstream platform so it will get a lot of usage and promotion.  Glad to hear you are finding it stable.

I’m trying to learn as fast as I can. Can I just download the knowledge directly into my brain? Is there a plugin for this?

I believe some people are working on this plugin but it is still in alpha. 🙂

I would like an easier way to create a plugin to support a DSL language that I am developing.

I hope you have looked at Xtext?

EclipseCon should be back in Santa Clara!!!

Sorry but next year it is going to be in Boston.  There are a lot of people that like having it on the east coast.  I do expect we will go back to the San Francisco area in future years.

I’m a Eclipse UI developer . I was picked up by college in India 7 yrs back and since then I have developed many successful desktop application. I want to visit Eclipse con in Europe but I find it very expensive. My suggestion to Eclipse foundation is to have more of such conferences around UK where its easy to go. Demo camps are only for 1 hr and they do not cover everything.

It would be great to have more EclipseCon conferences in different locations.  However, the time required to organize these conferences only makes it practical to do 2 each year.  Sorry.

Eclipse has been my favourite IDE for years, but the plugins EGit and CDT need to be reviewed and edited. EGit misses some functions, like commits with –no-ff. I’d rather use the GitExtensions instead. The combination of CDT and gcc on Mac OS X (10.6) is too buggy to be usable, so I use Visual Studio instead for debugging purposes.

I know both projects appreciate feedback via bugzilla and are doing their best to improve.

The EMF is great and enables us to implement all model stuff we need.

I hope you take the opportunity to let the EMF project team know.

sometimes it is difficult to decide which plugins are useful, work as promised, and maintained. maybe a (loose) certification could help.

Eclipse Marketplace is setup to allow for comments, favorites and popularity of installs.   In a sense I hope the ‘crowd-sourcing’ aspect of Marketplace help people find useful plugins.

Eclipse is a piece of shit.

No comment stream would be complete without a troll.

Please add a better Maven integration and please, please, please focus more on JDT, if JDT isn’t the best way to develop Java applications, Eclipse

I agree focus on JDT is important and we are always looking for help!!  Contributors are welcome!

Several Eclipse projects do not make good use of the services offered by  Wikis, downloads, forums, finding svn or git.  It is often challenging to find project info as the project pages are stale, incomplete, or just plain wrong.  Much of the infrastructure seems like abandonware to me.  While I like software produced by the Eclipse project, Eclipse project hosting leaves a lot to be desired.

I tend to agree some of the Eclipse projects need to do better on their web sites.  We need to get better here.

Eclipse needs to make sure to stay relevant in the future. The Foundation needs to be more active in recruiting new projects, esp. in “hot” areas like cloud computing and mobile. Something like Cloud Foundry would have been great for Eclipse… To make this happen, maybe the focus needs to be shifted away a bit from the classical eclipse (runtime) technologies. Having those technologies at Eclipse can bring again more lifeblood into Eclipse’ core technologies. Orion can just be a first step.

I certainly agree. Orion is a great start for web development.  In the mobile space, most of the mobile platforms have Eclipse tools (exception is Apple).  We do continue to encourage and recruit new projects.   Anyone should feel free to contact us if you have an idea for a new project.

Thank you again to everyone who completed the survey and left some feedback.  I couldn’t respond to all but I did read them.  All the comments are available in the raw data files [ods] [xls].