Top EclipseCon 2012 Speakers

EclipseCon had a ton of great speakers and content.  This year we asked the attendees to provide on-line feedback on each session they attended and over 250 attendees gave a +1, 0 or -1 to at least one session or tutorial.

We have published a summary of all the session feedback.   There were some speakers that obviously hit a home run with their talk.   These top speakers had more than 20 attendees voting and a significant majority of the votes were +1.  Congratulations to our top EclipseCon Speakers:

  1. Donne Berkholz – Assholes are killing your project
  2. Marcel Bruch – Eclipse Code Recommenders – Code Completion on Steroids
  3. William Swanson and Marc Khouzam  – Seeing is Understanding: Debugging with the Multicore Visualizer
  4. Maximillian Koegel – What every Eclipse Developer should know about EMF
  5. Tim Ward – Best Practices for (Enterprise) OSGi applications
  6. Tom Schindl –  e(fx)clipse – Eclipse Tooling and Runtime for JavaFX
  7. Holger Staudacher – Effective Mockito in a modular world
  8. Marc Hoffman – Code Coverage Revised: EclEmma on JaCoCo
  9. Shawn Pearce – Harnessing Peer Code Reviews
  10. Sven Efftinge – Eclipse Xtend – A Language Made for Java Developers
  11. Jean-Michel Lemieux – From 98 days to 1 – our continuous deployment pivot
  12. Kevin Sawicki and Matthias Sohn – News from Git in Java Land
  13. Tom Schindl – The Eclipse 4 Application Platform explained
  14. Karsten Thoms – Spraying – a quick way to create Graphitis
  15. Steffen Pingel and Benjamin Muskalla – Build, Stage, Review, merge: Task-focused Development the Eclipse Mylyn Way

There a  lot of other really great speakers and sessions.  Thank you to all the speakers who took the time to making EclipseCon a great technical conference.

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  1. Hey, I miss Jonas as a speaker in our tutorial (4th), in fact he was talking most of the time 😉

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