Meetings at EclipseCon

EclipseCon and Agile ALM Connect have four days of amazing content waiting for attendees.  EclipseCon is also a great opportunity to have face-to-face meetings for projects and working groups at Eclipse.  This year there are a number of meetings already planned, including:

  • CDT Summit – for individuals and organizations contributing to the CDT project.
  • M2M Industry Working Group – M2M IWG is a collaboration of organization building tools and platforms for machine-to-machine and the Internet of Things.
  • Polarsys Working Group – organizations interested in embedded software tool chains and tools for safety critical software development.
  • Automotive Working Group – a collaboration of organization in the automotive industry interested in define a common tool chain for automotive software development.
  • Common Build Infrastructure – an initiative combining technologies and practices for building Eclipse Software.
  • Long Term Support – a collaboration to allow organization to maintain versions of Eclipse for a very long time

We will also be having the annual Eclipse Membership meeting on Monday, March 26 from 3-5pm.

These meetings are intended for people actively involved in the projects or collaborations.  They are working meetings, not typical conference presentations.  If you would like to participate, please contact the meeting organizer.  If you are planning a meeting or would like to plan a meeting, please let me know and we will try to arrange a room  (Rooms are limited so I can’t guarantee it.)

2 thoughts on “Meetings at EclipseCon

  1. Two areas where I’m interested in having a discussion, whether it be a “meeting”, “BOF”, or “feet up in the bar” is the future of

    * Babel/Localization – Our GSoC student last summer extended Sequoyah’s multi-language editing framework to go from Android to work with PDE. We would like to see if there is interest in that code from the community.

    * UDC – Having tried to use UDC with our own tags in the past, I would rather have something that is self-serve. For our own servers, we use Google Analytics and some investigations has shown that it works with applications as well as web browsers. Since the instrumentation is in place throughout Eclipse, I would hope it would be a matter of switching out some of the core pieces.

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