Eclipse Still the Dominant Java IDE

It has been a while since a survey has been published about Java IDE usage, so I was pleased to see the results of the latest survey from SD Times.  Eclipse is still the dominant Java IDE at 65%.  Nice to see!

Eclipse JDT: 65.3%
Oracle NetBeans: 25.8%
Oracle JDeveloper: 16.9%
IBM WSAD: 13.2%
IBM RAD: 12.4%
Apple Xcode: 10.8%
JetBrains IntelliJ: 9.9%
Genuitec MyEclipse: 9.4%

4 Responses to Eclipse Still the Dominant Java IDE

  1. And let’s not forget that IBM’s WSAD & RAD and Genuitec’s MyEclipse are all Eclipse-based IDEs as well 😉

    • Ian Skerrett says:

      I agree it is great to see IBM and Genuitec do well. I would caution that the survey allowed people to select more than one IDE, so you can’t simply add the numbers together.

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