What is the Best New Eclipse Product in 2011?

Each year companies and open source communities release some amazing new products/projects based on Eclipse.   It really is amazing the innovation and creativity that happens in the Eclipse ecosystem.   Last year we recognized many of these new product at the New Product Showcase at EclipseCon 2011.   The winner of the Hot New Product award was the Chronon Debugger.

We are pleased to announce the New Product Showcase for EclipseCon 2012.   If your open source project or your company has released a brand new Eclipse-based product or project in 2011 then you should consider participating.     New doesn’t mean a new version, new means something first released to the community in 2011.   It can be a new Eclipse project, a non-Eclipse open source project or a commercial product.   The attendees of EclipseCon and Agile ALM Connect will be voting during the showcase to decide the Hot New Product for 2011.

We have limited space so if you want to participate then sign-up soon.