Charting the Future of Agile ALM

One of the driving motivations for organizing Agile ALM Connect is the belief there is a change occurring in how organizations are building enterprise applications and the overall  software development lifecycle. Motivating this change things like agile development, cloud computing, mobile development, and new tools integration which require a new way of thinking about application lifecycle management. This is why we wanted to bring together some of the smartest people in the Agile ALM space to talk about what the future of Agile ALM and how IT organizations should adapt.

The Agile ALM Connect program committee has done an amazing job of bringing together a program that features some of the leading experts in the industry.   I don’t know of any other conference that brings together experts of tools, agile methodology experts and real world case studies.

The entire line-up of speakers is pretty awesome but here is a sample of the speakers coming to Agile ALM Connect:

This is a partial list of an amazing line-up of speakers and sessions.   If you want to know the future of Agile ALM, these people are setting that future today.   Agile ALM Connect is a great opportunity to understand how your IT department can get ready and benefit from Agile ALM.

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