Top 5 Reason Reston, VA is a Great Location for EclipseCon

As many people know,  we have moved EclipseCon to Reston, Virginia from the our usual location in Santa Clara, California.  I am very excited about trying out the new location.  For many returning and new attendees there are some key reason I think Reston is going to be a great location.

1. No(less) jet lag.   We are now on the east coast of the US, so for people flying from Europe it means just 6 time zones not 9.  Those of us already on the east coast, no jet leg.  My sympathies for those flying from California. 🙂

2. Close to the international airport.  The conference hotel is 15 minutes shuttle ride from Washington Dulles airport.  It means you won’t need a car or a long taxi ride.  The Hyatt has a free shuttle from Dulles.

3. Make it a vacation too.  Reston is close to Washington DC so there is a lot of tourist activities to do before and after the conference.   It is also the Cherry Blossom Festival so we might get decent weather.

4. Bars and Restaurants in Walking Distance.    The Hyatt is part of the Reston Town Center that includes 50 retails shops and 30 restaurants.    Lots of things to do, places to eat and drink all within walking distance.

5. Apple store is .2 miles.  According to Google, the Apple store is .2 miles or 3 minute walk from the Hyatt.  Enough said.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at EclipseCon in March.   If you are planning to go make sure you register before December 31, 2011 for the best price and don’t forget to book your room at the Hyatt.



4 thoughts on “Top 5 Reason Reston, VA is a Great Location for EclipseCon

  1. The Reston Town Center is a fantastic place for a conference. I used to love it when Eclipse World was there. The restaurant selection is truly exceptional.

  2. Any tech conference not in the Bay Area is reason to rejoice. I may buy your beers all week and even give you a neck massage just to show my gratitude. Or maybe just a pat on the back.

    Oddly enough, I’ve never spent time in my nation’s capitol. Just the airport. EclipseCon is always the week after our school spring break. I may bring the kids the week before, visit the sights for a few days, then put them back on an airplane when the adults arrive.

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