EclipseCon Keynotes: Key Future Trends

The three EclipseCon 2012 keynotes have been announced.   Each of the keynotes talk about a key trend in our community and industry, so I am very excited that we were able to line-up such great speakers.

1. Open Web Platform.   Alex Russell from the Google Chrome development team is going to talk about the rising importance of JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS as an applicati0n platform, commonly called the open web platform.   Alex is a hard-core developer working on the Chrome browser team and is a member of ECMA TC39, where he is one of the key people driving the design of the JavaScript language.

It is pretty clear, at least to me :-), JavaScript and HTML5 are key technologies moving forward in the IT industry.   This is why projects like Orion are so important for the Eclipse community.  Great tools can help drive adoption of platforms.   It will be great to have Alex explain the potential of the open web platform.

2. Open Hardware.  Open source hardware is one of the interesting trends in the open source community.  At EclipseCon Europe we had a keynote from the founder of Arduino.   At EclipseCon 2012, we are very pleased to have Ford Motor Company and Bug Labs join us to talk about their vision for creating an application platform for the car of the future.

Over the last number of years, I have been watching Bug Labs push the concept of pluggable hardware and using OSGi and Eclipse tools as the software platform. Their new project with Ford, called OpenXC, is a fascinating extension to some of the concepts we all know and appreciate in the Eclipse community.

3.  Future Developer Tool Chains.   Mik Kersten, well-known in the Eclipse community as the creator of Mylyn, is going to talk about the future of ALM.   Mylyn has changed the way a lot of people use Eclipse, with its task focus perspective.   Mik is going to talk about what is next and how many of the developers are starting to externalize their development work, just like they are using many of the social networking tools to externalize their relationships.

Over the last number of years, the Eclipse project community has been changing how we think of our tool chain.   Eclipse projects are making use of Hudson, moving to Git,  and looking forward to using tools like Gerrit, so things are definitely changing.  A lot of this change is one reason I think the Agile ALM Connect conference is so compelling.  It will be great to have Mik put this change into perspective.

Keynotes are certainly one small part of the overall program but I think we have a great line-up of topics and speakers.   As a reminder, very early registration for EclipseCon ends December 31.  You know you want to go, so why not save some money and register now.

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