Web Stats 2011 Edition

This week there were news items about browser market share, so it got me thinking about updating a blog post I did last year about the web stats.

For this update, I am comparing the exact same 30 day period, Sept. 20-Oct. 20, 2011 with the same days in 2010 and 2009.   For this period in 2011, had just over 2 million unique visitors and the most popular pages continue to be the download and home page.

1. Browser Stats  (2009 vs 2010 vs 2011)

Chrome is certainly growing and is now in solid second place passing IE.  Firefox is still the leading browser that visits

Firefox: 49% vs 43% vs 39%

Chrome: 7.5% vs 21% vs 31%

IE:  31% vs 27% vs 21%

2. Operating Systems

Amazingly there is once again almost no change in operating systems visiting  Similar to 2010,  Windows is 77%,  Linux 12.5% and Mac 9.6%.   I frankly find this surprising.

For mobile operating systems, Android is the most popular with a small 0.27%, iPad (0.17%) and iPhone (0.12%).

3. Languages

No surprise that English (45%) is still the dominant language setting in the browser.  China (7%) is now #2 but followed very closely by France (5%) and Germany.(4.5%)

4. Traffic Sources

Search engines continue to be the primary source of traffic, increasing to 59% in 2011 from 54% in 2010.    Google represents 93% of the search traffic, followed by baidu (3%) and bing (1.35%).   The main referring sites continue to be,,,, etc.


I think sharing statistics is very important for open source communities.   It is sometimes very hard to understand the changing dynamics, so I hope this helps the wider community.

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  1. Even if might not really be of use: Can you see how many visitors _wrongly_ visit the website while searching for the vampire movies or books? 🙂

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