EclipseCon Europe Announcements

This past week we made a number of announcements at EclipseCon Europe, including two new industry working groups. Below is a summary:

1. Eclipse Celebrates 10 Years of Innovation

EclipseCon Europe kicked off a month of celebrating the Eclipse 10th birthday. We did a press release to highlight some of the key accomplishments of Eclipse over the last 10 years. Some nice coverage on eWeek, SD Times, and AD Times.

2. Introducing Polarsys

Polarsys is a new Eclipse Industry Working Group that is a collaboration of companies in the aerospace industry, telecommunications and others that require long term support for their tool chain. Companies like Airbus require their software development tools to be supported for a very very long time, 20-40 years! They also require their software tools to be certified for regulatory approval. Companies participating in Polarsys will work on implementing solutions for these types of challenges.

3. Machine-to-Machine (M2M)

We announced another industry working group in the M2M space. Machine-2-Machine (M2M) is a growing new space, sometime referred to as the ‘Internet of Things’. IBM, Sierra Wireless and Eurotech are going to work together to collaborate on a roadmap and technology development in the space.

There are two projects of particular relevance in this space: Koneki and the recently proposed Paho. Koneki is focused on the tools for M2M, specifically Lua tools. Paho will be an implementation of the MQTT standard. MQTT is a standard developed by IBM and Eurotech that is well suited for communication between very small devices. For example, Facebook Messenger uses MQTT as its protocol so it can save on battery life.

Bob Sutor from IBM has a very nice post about the importance of MQTT and RWW talks about the potential for the Internet of Things.

It was a good week for announcements.  🙂

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