Indigo is coming next week; Friends get it sooner

The Indigo release train is set to arrive in less than 1 week on June 22.  As a reminder, Friends of Eclipse get access to the release at the same time as our mirrors are syncing.  This means Friends can download the release before things get too crazy for the download servers.

Why not join our drive for 500 Indigo Friends, contribute back to the Eclipse community and have the bragging rights to being the first to install Indigo.   Join now

2 thoughts on “Indigo is coming next week; Friends get it sooner

  1. hello! Are new Friends being processed? I signed up yesterday (20.Jun.11) and Paypay sent me an email about the successfully processed payment, but I’ve gotten no further correspondence and cannot access the Friends site using the credentials I provided (see the email listed in this post).

    I know it’s been a mere 24 hours and that I shouldn’t expect miracles. i am mildly confused, however, why I didn’t get a “processing” email or some such. Perhaps my Friends submission went into the bit bucket?

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