Camping Season Coming Soon: Eclipse Indigo DemoCamps

It is that time of year to start thinking about organizing an Eclipse DemoCamp.  Each year we run a series of DemoCamps to highlight the June release train, so we are now getting ready for the Indigo DemoCamps.

Organizing a DemoCamp is really simple: 1) Find a location that can hold up to 50 people and ideally serves refreshments and food, 2) Set a date and add the DemoCamp to our wiki, 3) Find 4-6 people willing to demo what they are doing with Eclipse, 3) Promote the DemoCamp to your friends and local developer community, 4) On the day of the DemoCamp, have fun, meet lots of interesting people and learn lots, and 5) Enjoy the accolades for organizing a successful Eclipse community event.    If you work at a member company or are an Eclipse committer, the Eclipse Foundation will help pay for the refreshments and food.

We already have 20 DemoCamps being organized but I would like to see a lot more, so please consider organizing one in your city.   If you are in Germany, there are already 9 DemoCamps organized, so the challenge will be to find a new city.  Germans seem to love their DemoCamps!