Give Us Your Feedback by Participating in the Eclipse Community Survey

Eclipse has a large community of developers working in all types of industries, using different languages and creating different types of applications and software.   Once a year we try to get a snapshot of what these developers are doing and using with Eclipse.   These snapshots allow us to understand the trends that occurring in the Eclipse community.

The 2011 edition of the Eclipse Community Survey is now open for participation.  I invite everyone to give us your feedback by participating in the survey.   The survey should take about 10 minutes to complete.  To thank those that participate, we will randomly select 5 people to win an Eclipse shirt (or other Eclipse SWAG) and a grand prize winner will receive a free pass to EclipseCon Europe 2011 or EclipseCon 2012.

The survey will close on May 13 at 5pmET.  We will publish the results in early June.

Thanks in advanced to all who participate.

3 thoughts on “Give Us Your Feedback by Participating in the Eclipse Community Survey

  1. I’m working with perl only. I’ve downloaded Eclipse and Epic twice–Classic and 3.1.0. Had multiple problems with both, but the 3.1.0 takes the cake: Couldn’t even locate the uninstall wizard, although I followed your 3.1 instructions closely–it just wasn’t there. Finally had to delete files/folders (I hope all) one at a time using search, etc.
    I’ve concluded that I’m too dumb for Eclipse. For me, it’s fails the intuitive tests. I’ll have to return to Crimson…very regretfully, and wait for a better day.
    If you want more info, I’ll be glad to provide what I know……~jess

  2. Guess I just hate to give up–downloaded once more, this time the Classic again. And this time–no problems so far.
    I’m about to conclude that a few bits fell out during the first Classic download. As to 3.1.0, I’m betting it’s buggy, at least for Win XP.
    PS: Since no uninstall wizard in the 3.1.0, I had to search and delete *epic* and *eclipse* files…if you try this, watch for 3 .dll files associated with Photoshop, Bridge, and other Adobe s’ware.

  3. The color of the text font of the Java Text Editor can be changed, precisely speaking the color settings to the text font dosen’t work. Is this a bug or I didn’t do it properly?

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