Provide input into the upcoming Eclipse survey

Each year we do a survey of the Eclipse community.   The goal is to  better understand of how people are using Eclipse and in what type of environment.    This will be the fourth year we have run the survey so we also have an opportunity to track trends, like what are the more popular operating systems for developers or popular code management systems.

I like to keep the survey to around 30 questions, so each year we delete and add new questions.   This year I plan to add a question about modeling.  Something like the following:

Do you use Eclipse Modeling Technology?

–  I integrate Eclipse modeling technology into applications for external use  (ISV)
–  I integrate Eclipse modeling technology into applications for internal use in my organization
– I use Eclipse modeling technology for academic and research projects
– I am a committer on one of the Eclipse modeling projects
– I don’t use Eclipse modeling technology
– Don’t know
– Other  (please specify)

If you use Eclipse modeling technology, what best characterizes your application?  (Choose as many that are applicable)

– Manage the data model for my application.
– Business process management  (BPM)
– Enterprise architecture understanding
– Graphical representations using the modeling technology
– Other  (Please specify)

Any feedback on this question from the Eclipse modeling community would be appreciated.


A draft of the survey is available. Feel free to fill-out the survey but your answers will be deleted before we launch the official survey.  If you have any suggestions for new questions, missing options or general editorial comments, please let me know via comments here or e-mail (ian at eclipse dot org)

We plan to open the official survey in mid-April.