Drag and Drop Install is Coming to Eclipse

For the Indigo release, our goal is to make it a LOT easier to install products using the Marketplace Client (MPC).  One of the key new features in the MPC Indigo release will be support for drag and drop install.  In the recent M6 release, you can test out this new feature.  We have created a special page in Marketplace to allow you to drag from the install icon to a running instance of Eclipse Indigo M6 (reminder MPC is not in the Classic package).

Alternatively try to load EGit directly from the icon below.

I think this is going to be a pretty sweet feature for the Eclipse ecosystem.  Feel free to provide feedback/bugs to the MPC forum or bugzilla.

3 Responses to Drag and Drop Install is Coming to Eclipse

  1. Awesome work!

    Hah, thanks for driving our install numbers up Ian 😉

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  3. […] the “Install Now” button at the top is the most interesting feature: It supports the new Eclipse Marketplace Drag&Drop installation feature that comes with Indigo. Still, if you just click on the button, you will be guided to the […]

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