Eclipse Cycling Shirts

For the cycling enthusiast in the Eclipse community, I introduce the one-of-a-kind Eclipse cycling jersey.  Imagine how much faster you will go in this sleek new jersey.   Imagine the conversation starters you will have explaining the Eclipse project TLAs to your fellow peleton members.  Imagine the looks you will get charging up that hill.  I guarantee this Eclipse shirt will take you one step closer to competing in the TdF.  You know you want to be part of this elite team.   🙂

We are placing a bulk order on February 1 for the low cost of US$70.  Pick-up will be at EclipseCon.     If you can’t make EclipseCon, you will be able to order them online after February 1 but at a higher price.   Order now and change your cycling season for the better.  🙂

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