Eclipse Demo Camps Coming Soon

November is the season for Eclipse Demo Camps.  We have 30 different demo camps organized in cities around the world. For the first time we have a number of Campus Demo Camps organized to reach out to the academic and student communities.

I’d love to attend all the demo camps but a few highlights to me were:

– In Portland, tonight November 8.  The theme is mobile development and they have presentations on development for Blackberry, iPhone and Android.

– Beijing Institute of Technology is hosting a Campus Demo Camp on Nov 12.   There is a ton of interesting stuff going on in China, so I am sure this will be a great event.

– Replay Solution is hosting a Bay Area demo camp on November 18.  Some interesting product demos, including Replay Solutions integration with Eclipse and Oracles new plugin for ADF.

Stuttgart on Nov 23 will focus on distributed version control.

Check out the entire list for a city new you.  Attending a demo camp is a great way to get connected with others in the local Eclipse community.