Web Traffic Analysis

This past week I spent some time looking at the web stats, via Google Analytics,  for  There are some interesting trends that I thought people might like to see.

The following is a comparison of the traffic to from Sept 20 2009-Oct 20, 2009 and Sept 20, 2010-Oct 20, 2010.  It is based on 1.4 million absolute unique visitors in 2009 and 1.7 unique visitors in 2010.  Our most popular pages are 1) which receives 2.5 million page views in 2010 up from 1.9 million in 2009 and 2) home page which receive 1.3 million page views in 2010 up from 1.2 million in 2009.   A  large sample but certainly biased to a developer and Eclipse audience.

1. Browser  (2009 VS 2010)

Firefox 49% decrease to 43%

IE 31% decrease to 27%

Chrome 7.5% increase to 21%

Obviously Chrome has a lot of momentum.  Interestingly enough it is coming at the expense of not just Firefox but also IE.  Interestingly, we had 5 visitors using IE 5 and 1 using IE 3.  🙂

2. Operating System

There is virtually no change (less than .5%) in the operating system people are using when visiting   In 2010, Windows represents 78% of the traffic, Linux 13% and Mac 9%.  I find the Linux number is lower than other surveys we have done. One explanation is that Eclipse is available on most of the Linux distros so there is no need to visit

For the OS/2 fan,  you will be happy to know the 4 visits from OS/2 beat out the 2 visits from HP-UX.  For the gamers, Nintendo Wii had 25 visits beating out the 23 visits from Playstation Portable.

3.  Language

No big change in the language setting.  In 2010, 46% of the visitors where US English, 8% German, 6.5% Chinese, 5% French, 3.5% Japanese, plus many more.

4. Mobile Device

A small number of visitors come to the site from a mobile device.  NOTE: our site is not very mobile friendly and something we need to improve.  In 2010, Android is the most popular device (34%), then iPhone (28%), iPad (21.5%), iPod (6.5%), Symbian (3.5%) and Blackberry (3%).

5. Traffic Sources

Search engines are the #1 source of traffic, increasing from 49% in 2009 to 54% in 2010.  Google of course is the primary search engine; baidu, bing, naver combined drive less than 5% of the traffic.  Top referring sites not Eclipse related are: 1), 2), 3) stackoverflow,com, 4) and 5)


The big change is the growth of Chrome and I am sure it will continue.   Android appears to be coming on strong but Apple is obviously important for mobile devices.