Shiny New Products on the JavaOne Exhibit Floor

JavaOne is very different this year, especially the exhibit hall.    It is much much smaller, in a not so nice hotel ballroom but there are some interesting new products being shown.  Some companies and products that caught my eye:

Particle Code is showing a mobile development environment that lets you build applications for Android, iPhone, RIM, etc.  You write the application in Java and it cross-compiles to the native code for the target phones.   It is built on Eclipse JDT and looks very cool   They are looking for beta customers and to hire Eclipse developers.

JRapid is an Argentinian company that has a cloud based RAD style IDE for creating cloud application.  Seems like an slick way of quickly developing and deploying a web application.   The product generates Java code which can be extended in Eclipse.  I’m sure we will see a lot more of these type of tools in the next year.

CloudBees provides a Hudson-based cloud service for continuous integration.  Seems like a good idea and the likely the next wave of cloud-base services for developers.   Over time it will be interesting to see how sites like github and CloudBees will compete or partner.

There are other interesting companies that I already know about also here at JavaOne, companies like ZeroTurnaround with JRebel, Sonatype and their Maven tools, ReplaySolution defect playback tools and the Exo folks with the portal platform and github.

It is also curious to see Goldman Sachs as an exhibitor for JavaOne.  Pretty sure this is the first time I’ve seen a bank exhibiting at JavaOne.