Tell Us Your Eclipse Story: Win a Pass to JavaOne

Lots of people are doing incredible things with Eclipse. People are building amazing applications that embedded Eclipse technology. Companies have standardized on Eclipse as their development tools platform. Students and researchers are using Eclipse for creating some very cool new technology.

As with any open source community, sharing information is critical to fostering  a healthy and strong community. Sharing how you use Eclipse will help other people realize the full potential of Eclipse technology.  More people using Eclipse technology will lead to more potential contributors, more contributors mean more people working on Eclipse projects.

We want you to share your Eclipse story with the community. I’ve started a wiki page to allow individuals and companies to tell the community how they use Eclipse. Tell us what type of applications you build, what Eclipse technology you use and what you like about Eclipse. You can tell us your personal story or tell us what your company is doing. Just tell us your story.

To encourage early stories, the Eclipse Foundation will raffle off a full pass to the upcoming JavaOne 2010 conference to all who submitted a story. To be included in the raffle you need to submit your story on the wiki by September 9, 2010 at 1:00pmET and send me an e-mail (ian at eclipse dot org)

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