Top Downloads from Eclipse Marketplace Client

The Eclipse Marketplace Client (MPC) is getting nice reviews from people using the Helios release.   I think Zoltan Ujhelyi sums up MPC very nicely:

This solution [MPC] is great, because I don’t have to remember/google for the various update site urls, and then manually select the features – if I don’t want to.

MPC makes it easy to discover and install different Eclipse plugins.

So what are people downloading?  Well we are keeping track: Subclipse, Maven Integration for Eclipse, Subversive, Findbug Eclipse Plugin, Pydev and eGit are the more popular downloads.

150 different solutions have been installed at least once using the MPC, so there is a lot to discover.   Of course we are also seeing more and more solutions being added each day.  Why not give Marketplace Client a try and see what you can discover.  Just look under the Help menu in your Eclipse installation.

4 thoughts on “Top Downloads from Eclipse Marketplace Client

  1. I do not see Eclipse Marketplace in the dropdown and I have Eclipse 3.6.0 (Helios) — what could be wrong?

  2. There is a Marketplace Client in the General Purpose Tools category of the Helios update site. Install it, then it will be available.

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