Helios is Coming, Tell Us What You Think

Each year the Eclipse community delivers a lot of great new technology as part of the annual release.   Each year we get great reviews from the community about what they find cool and interesting in the release.  For instance, Ian Bull did a great top 10 list for Galileo.

The Helios Blogathon is to encourage everyone to write a review about the Helios release.  As a token of our appreciation, each blogger will receive an Eclipse shirt and the best review will receive a pass to Eclipse Summit Europe 2010 or EclipseCon 2011.

Go here for more details.   Helios is coming is just 2 weeks, so let us know what is exciting you about the release.

btw, we are also organizing a Helios Virtual Conference, so you can see first hand some of the cool new features coming in Helios.

One thought on “Helios is Coming, Tell Us What You Think

  1. Is there a ‘New & Noteworthy’ for Helios? All the links for ‘New & Noteworthy’ floating around for the milestone releases are broken.

    I sometimes have a problem figuring out all the new features for selling an early upgrade to my company and the ‘New & Noteworthy’ is a big help.

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