What do you want to know about the Eclipse Community?

Last year we published the results of our Eclipse Community Survey.   It provides an interesting snapshot into how developers use Eclipse and the wider software development community.   However, with all survey data the really interesting information is in the trends that begin to appear over a period of time.   Therefore, we are planning to run the survey again this year, later in April.

Before we field the survey, I would like to get some feedback on the questions.   I have posted the questions and proposed choices on a Google Document.   The type of feedback I am looking for includes:

  • Suggestions for potential new questions.   Please keep in mind we are trying to include questions that have broad applicability to the entire Eclipse community, not just one sub-community.
  • For the existing questions, have I missed any obvious options.  For instance last year I missed including TRAC and Mantis as options for the change management section.  There proved reasonably popular write-in responses.  Similarly, are any of the existing options wrong or out of date.
  • Is the wording of the question confusing or not applicable to your situation.  For instance, last year the questions did not make it easy for a student to answer many of the questions.

I hope to field the survey next week, so please leave you feedback as a comment or send me an e-mail to ian dot skerrett at eclipse.org.

2 thoughts on “What do you want to know about the Eclipse Community?

  1. Ian,

    I think this is a great initiative, and that it can give pretty good feedback. Reading your document I would add several things:

    * Question 5: I would add Researcher, as i can think of several projects that where initally developed by researchers (Mylyn, Sketch, Eclipse for education). Furthermore, in Q12 point h) Research/Scientific apps are considered. Also, given that you are considering education in question 4, maybe professor could also be added here.

    Maybe another question could be:

    If you develop eclipse plug-ins or Eclipse RCP applications, how do you build your products? I am not expert on this area but I think it could be worth to know what others use to build their apps:

    a) Custom ant build
    b) I use Athena Common Build infrastructure from the Dash project
    c) I use Buckminster project
    d) other

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