EclipseCon 2010 Demographics #2

In my last post on EclispeCon 2010 Demographics, someone asked for a breakout by region.   I took a quick look at the data and created some charts.

In summary:

– No surprise that 57% of attendees come from the US,Canada was the next largest at almost 9%,  followed by Germany, France, UK and Sweden.

– Europeans represented 30% of all attendees, which seem high but it does reflect the vibrant Eclipse community in Europe. 65% came from North America (US plus Canada).

– 30% of all attendees came from California. (or 53% of Americans came from California)

– Nice to see 15 people made the trip from South Korea and 8 from Japan.   It is a bit disappointing that no one from China was in attendance, even though I know Eclipse is huge in China.

Details are below:

4 Responses to EclipseCon 2010 Demographics #2

  1. Ian Skerrett says:

    There were actually more people from Ontario than Texas, so go Ontario!! 🙂

  2. Denis Roy says:

    At least 1 person from Québec!! 🙂

  3. Donald Smith says:

    And as we proved on the day-2 “Stand up” poll, 100% of people from California don’t go to the keynotes 🙂

    – Don

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