Best Keynote Ever

I have been attending technical conferences and trade shows for over 20 years. I have seen hundreds of keynotes speakers, many very good.  Today I saw the best keynote presentation ever!   Jeff Norris from NASA JPL gave an amazing keynote presentation at EclipseCon.  He was rewarded with a standing ovation from the crowd; something I have never seen at a keynote presentation.

Chris Aniszczyk has done a great job describing Jeff’s representation.   Jeff combined Plato, Socrates, Open Source, Eclipse and Robots into an inspirations multi-media presentation.   The highlight was when he used an Eclipse RCP application to remotely control the relativlely HUGE Athlete Rover from his Mac laptop.   Talk about demo stress!!  There was also lots of other cool geeky demos/videos of NASA’s use of Eclipse.

NASA has done amazing things with their Mars Rover missions.   Jeff is an amazing ambassador for NASA and their accomplishments.  Thank you NASA and Jeff for sharing those experiences at EclipseCon!

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  1. Was that presentation recorded? Will it be available for viewing any time? I sure wish I could have made there this year.

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