Moving Towards a One-Click Install for the Eclipse Ecosystem

The first release of the Eclipse Marketplace Client  (MPC) is now available in the Helios M6 Java IDE and RCP packages.   This is the next step towards creating an ‘App Store’ like experience for the Eclipse ecosystem.  The goal is to allow a developer to install a new Eclipse solution with just one-click.

MPC is an Eclipse open source project under the Eclipse Packaging Project.  The intention over time is for each of the packages to contain MPC.   Right now we have started out with just the Java IDE and RCP package.  You can access the MPC from a new Eclipse Help menu item called ‘Eclipse Solution Catalog’.  The release is pretty much feature complete but we would very much like your feedback and bugs.

When you are testing the MPC you will notice a lot of the solutions do not have their Install button activated.   This is because most solutions haven’t specified an installable units (IU) in Eclipse Marketplace.  We are encouraging all solution providers to make available their IU on Eclipse Marketplace.  A list of solutions with IU is available here.

7 thoughts on “Moving Towards a One-Click Install for the Eclipse Ecosystem

  1. Great work. This is much better than I expected and should help consumability of Eclipse artifacts.

    One idea is adding a “Featured” tab which is controlled by the Foundation potentially for showcasing new projects or using some other criteria.

  2. Ian, I have a question about IU (installable units). I develop the WireframeSketcher plugin and so far I’ve managed to get by using the old style update site. In other words I don’t have the content.jar file. I’ve never had any problems with this. It seems to me that MPC does not work with this kind of update site and requires content.jar to be present. Is this the case?

  3. Ian, I’ve just managed to make it work. I’ve specified the feature id (the one declared in feature.xml) in WireframeSketcher profile and the Install button is now active. I was confused at first since the instructions say that I need to look up the IU id in content.xml and I don’t use that. FYI I use a custom build script without using PDE.

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