Round 2 of Community Feedback on an Updated Eclipse Logo

We are ready for Round 2 of feedback on an updated Eclipse Logo.   We have narrowed the options to four different concepts.

As a reminder, the purpose of this exercise is to see if we can find ways to modernize and update the existing Eclipse logo.   We are not looking to create an entirely new logo.   The simple test for any new logo will be:  An Eclipse community member should be able to look at the new logo and instantly recognized it is associated with the Eclipse open source community. A new logo also needs to be be flexible enough to be used in different mediums and formats.  The  logo needs to be shrunk to an icon, does it look good on a white or dark background, is it easily printed of shirts or paper, etc.  These are some of the things we need to consider.

As I mentioned in my previous post on this subject, I have made some mistakes in communicating about the criteria and what is expected of the new logo.  This has resulted in some people being unhappy with the process and some of my decisions.  For that I sincerely apologize for wasting anyone’s time.  However, I do believe getting the community feedback will help us  make a decision on changing the logo.   We want your comments and ideas on what you like and dislike.   In the end, the Eclipse Foundation will take this feedback to make the final decision on any new logo.

Thanks to everyone, over 2100 people, that participated in the first round of feedback.  I am looking forward to the feedback from the second round, so please go give it now.  The deadline for feedback is Wednesday, March 17 at 3pmET.

12 thoughts on “Round 2 of Community Feedback on an Updated Eclipse Logo

  1. BEWARE the first question! It is the opposite of what the intro says. Intro says we are voting on whether or not to change the logo. First question is “should we keep the logo” Opposite.

    The choice was easy for me. #1

  2. I’m in favor of a change, but none of these is a good choice in my opinion. One is too similar to AT&T and I’m absolutely convinced it will encounter legal problems. The next looks nothing like the current logo, either in font or color or the sphere/circle. The third has a very poor font choice and just doesn’t seem any “better” than what we have. The last, well the whole glossy/shiny look is somewhat unprofessional in my opinion.
    I was originally excited about this process, but now I fear it will end in disappointment. These choices just aren’t the highest quality options; coming from someone who works for a graphic design firm, I can tell you that there definitely is a notion of “better” and “worse” in graphic design. I guess I’d like the one that looks like AT&T, btu as I’ve said in teh bug, I’d be extremely surprised if that passes legal review.

  3. I really don;t see how #1 will cause a legal problem but then INAL. I suggest that we all not second guess what the lawyers would say and simply vote for the ones we like and then let the lawyers do their magic.

  4. @eric One thing I know about graphic design is if you ask two graphic designers what is ‘better’ or ‘worse’ you have a good chance of getting two different answers. In my experience, it is a very subjective field. I’m glad you expressed your opinion and I hope lots of other people do too.

    I also agree with @Jeff, I would encourage everyone to not begin offering legal advice. Before any decision is made we will ensure there are no problems.

  5. Judging by the response to Jeff’s generous professional insight, it looks like the community’s input is still not valued. Therefore, I won’t waste any more of my time on this endeavor. I am sure my input won’t be missed.

  6. Oops – I made a typo – I meant to say “Eric’s generous professional insight”, not Jeff’s. Sorry Eric & Jeff.

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