EclipseCon Panel: The Future of Open Source

Open source has come a long way over the last number of years.  Apache Software Foundation celebrated their 10th anniversary.  Lots of open source companies have figured out how to make money off open source software.  Large companies have also figured out how to leverage open source software.   The question then becomes what is next for open source?

This is why I was pleased to organize an EclipseCon panel on the future of open source.   We have organized a great set of panelist to look into the future, including:

  • Justin Erenkrantz, President of the Apache Software Foundation
  • Martin Mickos, formerly of MySQL
  • Stephen O’Grady, Indstry Analyst and Co-Founder of Redmonk
  • Jason van Zyl, CTO and Founder of Sonatype, the company behind Maven

Mike Milinkovich will be the panel moderator, so my expectations are high for great questions.  🙂

It is important to be thinking about the future, so it will be fascinating to see what comes out of this discussion.  The panel is Wednesday, March 24 at EclipseCon.

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