OSGi + Cloud = ?

It goes without saying Cloud Computing is a very popular topic in the tech industry.  Beyond the marketing hype, cloud computing is changing the way applications are built and deploy.  As most people know, OSGi is the component standard used by Eclipse and has many implications for deploying Eclipse-based applications.

We need to make EclipseRT,  and in general Java, easier to deploy to the cloud but also look to enhance cloud computing based on the benefits of Eclipse and OSGi.  Therefore, I was excited to see Peter Kriens from the OSGi Alliance suggest a workshop to explore what it means to combine OSGi and cloud computing.

The workshop is an all day affair on Thursday, March 25 at EclipseCon.   The goal is to bring together cloud experts and OSGi experts to explore what is possible.   We already have people from Rackspace, Cisco, SAP, SpringSource, some OSGi gurus and I was please to be introduced to the jcloud project, who’s leader will attend.

We need more people, especially the cloud experts, to participate in the workshop.  If you are such an expert or know someone that is, please feel free to send them to Peter or myself.

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