Help Spread the News about e4

The 1.0 release of e4 is planned for July 2010.   Obviously, this is an important milestone for the Eclipse community.  The e4 development team is doing a great job building the next generation Eclipse platform.  However, as we all know, any new technology also needs evangelism, education and promotion.

People are already creating some compelling e4 tutorials, demos and presentations.   I am hoping that a coordinated effort might accelerate the material we have available when e4 is launched in July.   Therefore, I have started an e4 Evangelism page on the e4 wiki.  The idea for this group is to create 1) a consistent set of messages, 2) a repository of content produced or expected to be produced and 3) a community to brainstorm new ideas.  We are also going to host month conference calls for anyone interested in helping to spread the new about e4.  The first call will be this Thursday at 20:00CET, 2pmET/11amPT.   Call-in numbers are on the wiki page.   I hope you can join us.

One thought on “Help Spread the News about e4

  1. Hi Ian,

    Sorry for catching your message late. Please let me know the next conference meeting.

    As for the evangelization of e4, we have started a serie of screencast, which will be available next week.

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