Eclipse Case Studies: More Help for the EclipseCon Program Committee

The EclipseCon Program Committee will be hard at work over the holidays.   They have until January 9 to review 430+ submissions and select about 150 talks for the final program.  Given the success of my recommendations for the Early Submissions, I thought why not give them a helping hand.

My vote goes to having lots of case studies at EclipseCon.  I enjoy hearing how people use Eclipse for building cool applications.  Therefore, here are the case studies I found in the EclipseCon submission system:

Creating Dynamic Enterprise Applications with Eclipse RCP – Cerner Healthcare is using RCP to build their next generation healthcare software. What is one of the hottest IT topics in the US:  Healthcare and a major player is using Eclipse RCP.

Case Study: SRM 2.0 – A next generation shared resource management system built on OSGi and Spring DM – St Jude Hospital has create a lab management system using OSGi and Spring DM. Looks like they migrated from JavaEE to the new OSGi architecture. I need to see this presentation!!

Modeling the World – If you want to move an oil rig, then model it first – Modeling the movement of oil rigs at Marintek

My Unmanned System is Eclipse Powered – unmanned surveillance systems for things like border security.

OneBench Reloaded – Pushing the (OSGI) Modularity Story in an Enterprise-wide Rich Client Stack
– JPMorgan is a long time user of Eclipse RCP.  OneBench is a great case study on the power of RCP and I’d love to hear the update.

Use Xtext to Automate PBX Stress Testing – An interesting use of XText; DSLs and XText have a huge amount of interest.

Eclipse Modeling at Deutsche Boerse AG – More XText goodness, this time at the German Stock Exchange.

Practitioner Report: Migrating a large modeling environment from UML/XML to GMF/Xtext – Okay, another XText case study. A German billing center for pharmacies migrations to GMF/Xtext.

SDOL an Exclipse-Based DSL – State of Montana using Eclipse to create a DSL. Did I mention DSL and Eclipse is hot?

Eclipse meets Systems Biology – Using Eclipse RCP technology to predict the effects of drugs and mutations.

Eclipse to the Rescue – This case study was one of the early bird selection, so we get to see some pretty cool RAP and RCP applications for doing emergency planning simulation.

CRM for Mobile Customers With Eclipse – Besides being a cool RCP app in a cool space, they are using EMF, BIRT, p2, and maybe b3. Looks interesting.

Elexis – Private Practice With Eclipse – RCP application for patient records.

My apologies if I have missed some case studies.  Please feel free to add them as a comment.

EclipseCon PC no need to thank me.  You have a tough job, since I know there are lots of other really interesting submissions but please make sure I get to see some of these case studies.

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