My Picks for the EclipseCon Early Bird Sessions

Last night was the deadline to have your EclipseCon session proposal considered by the Program Committee (PC) for one of the 5 early bird selections.  The good news is the PC now has 131 sessions to consider, the bad news is they have to make the selection by December 14th.  Luckily, I am not on the PC but I thought it would be fun to give them my recommendations for the talks:

  1. Xtext meets e4: Developing an editor for the e4 workbench model – There is a lot of interest in e4 and Xtext, showing how you can use XText with e4 is an example of the future of Eclipse.
  2. Modular Architecture from Top to Bottom – OSGi, Equinox, EclipseRT are hot topics but education on how to create proper architecture is key.  Both speakers know their stuff on this topic.
  3. Groovy for Java Developers – Groovy is one of the cool new languages for developers.
  4. Eclipse to the Rescue – I have seen Austin speak before.  He presents a very compelling case study of using RAP, RCP and Equinox.
  5. Eclipse Modeling at Deutsche Boerse AG – We need more case studies at EclipseCon and this is another good story of using Eclipse modeling technology to solve real world problems.
  6. Use XText to Automate PBX Stress Testing – Gustavo is a super smart guy and is doing some real world stuff.  This looks like a really compelling case study.
  7. It’s a Dynamic World – Bringing Animations to SWT – e4 and SWT need to have animation support to be compelling for modern UIs.  This looks like an interesting solution.

Some comments about my selections:

  • If I didn’t select your talk please don’t be offended.  Remember I am not on the PC and frankly my opinion might just be the kiss of death for the talks I mentioned.
  • For the alert reader, I did indeed select 7 talks instead of the 5 the PC need to select by Dec. 14.  Once again proving that I am happy to not be on the PC and making very tough decisions.
  • I could have easily selected another 7 talks.  Once again I am confident EclipseCon is going to have another great program.

The real deadline for submissions is December 18, so now is the time to get your proposal written and submitted.  Also, don’t forget that the early registration deadline for EclipseCon is December 31.

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