Using Eclipse for Simulations and Eclipse Day Wrap-up

Last week we held Eclipse Day events in New York, Austin and two in Toronto.  Unlike some previous Eclipse Days that were focused on a vertical, these events were focused on a technology, specifically Modeling and EclipseRT.

Most of the presentations have now been posted on the event web sites.  I enjoyed all the presentations but two I really enjoyed had a common theme:  Using Eclipse for Simulations. Ed MacKerrow from the Los Alamos Labs is doing some fascinating work on agent modeling of social sciences.  Things like modeling the opium trade in Afghanistan or orgizational behaviour of office politics.  Fascinating stuff and he is using Eclipse and in the future the Eclipse Agent Modeling Platform.

[Update: Miles Parker is the AMP project lead and has just posted some screencast about agent modeling.]

The second presentation was by Austin Riddle and Cole Markham from the Texas Center for Applied Technology.  These guys are using RAP, RCP, Equinox, GEF, ECF plus more to create training simulations for emergency response workers.   Very cool applications and a great use of EclipseRT technology.  Chris also wrote about their presentation.

I wonder if other people are doing simulations with Eclipse?  Please feel free to send me an e-mail or leave a comment.

Best part of my job and the Eclipse Days are meeting interesting people in the Eclipse community and seeing the awesome stuff they are doing with Eclipse.   Can’t wait to see what people will be showing at EclipseCon.

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  1. We have been using Eclipse at NASA to create planning software with both client-side numeric engines and server based computation engines to allows users to specify the activities they wish to perform at the specific times, and compute resource usage. For the Phoenix Mars Lander and Mars Science Laboratory, we compute things like data usage and switch states on the client, and integrate power usage on a central server. For International Space Station planning, we compute crew utilization (under/over scheduling) as well as resource requirements on the client, and power utilization on several coordinated server-side engines.

    We use EMF to model the domains and extend the Ecore model to allow for effects to be specified (much like a derived EAttribute type that we compute dynamically).

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