Growing communities

I believe that to grow any community you need to have vibrant online collaborations and periodic face-to-face meetings.   The face-to-face meetings are how you develop and cement relationships.   This is why I believe the Eclipse Days and the Eclipse DemoCamps are such an important part of growing the Eclipse community.

The Eclipse Modeling community is one of the most diversified and vibrant communities at Eclipse.   The number of different contributing organizations/individuals and number of projects is incredible.  In Europe, it seems everyone is using EMF, GMF, and will be using Xtext, CDO and others.  In the US and Canada, modeling still seems to thought of as ‘pictures that are never implemented or get out of date‘.

This is why I am very pleased that we just announced the Eclipse Modeling Days in New York City and Toronto.   I know lots of people are using the EMF, so I am hoping these events will be an opportunity for the community to meet and grow.   I am also very proud that organizations like Credit Suisse and Los Alamos will be presenting their use of Eclipse modeling.

As with other Eclipse Days, there is no cost to attend but you need to pre-register.   The NYC event will be held November 16 and Toronto on November 18.  btw, this is the same week we are running the EclipseRT Days, so if you live close to Toronto you can attend two days of Eclipse talks.

I hope to see lots of people in NYC and Toronto.

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