One Million Galileo Downloads

Sometime yesterday we surpassed the 1 million download request mark for Galileo packages.  It took us just 27 days to hit that mark and this number doesn’t even include the bitTorrents or the member distros.

The Galileo launch activities have also been very popular and successful:

– 29 DemoCamps were run in 15 countries around the world.  More people attended the DemoCamp than ever before.  Some of the more popular events had close to 200 people.

– The Galileo Blog-a-Thon has generated over 100 reviews about Galileo.  If you want to find out what people think about Galileo check out some of the blogs.  The Blog-a-Thon continues until the end of this month, so if you want to write a review now is the time.  Thanks to everyone that has taken the time to write their Galileo reviews.

– For the first time we ran a Galileo In Action virtual conference and the response was tremendous.  We had over 470 people attend the virtual conference.  I hope we will do more in the future.

– We also used twitter for the first time to promote Galileo.  Over 1000 people followed the @eclipsegalileo twitter ID and joined the Galileo Birds Nest.  I continue to find twitter a great tool for getting feedback and communicating with the community.

Congratulations to everyone involved in making Galileo another successful release train.  The Eclipse community continues to embrace the annual release trains.

Next year is Helios.

2 Responses to One Million Galileo Downloads

  1. Holger says:

    Well done!

    Was Galileo In Action only a live event? Or will it be published here: Hopefully it will…

  2. […] Helios has been out for just over 1 month and it looks like our more successful release to date.   As of today we have over 1,373871 download requests, not bad for 33 days after the release.  Last year we did 1 million downloads in 27 days. […]

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