Give a Tweet about the Galileo Release

The Galileo release is next Wednesday.   We want to encourage everyone to help promote the Galileo release.  Lots of people are already writing blogs about Galileo and we have over 500 people on the Galileo Birds Nest to promote Galileo on twitter.

However, next Wednesday we want everyone on twitter to help promote the Galileo release.  Therefore, we are organizing an informal contest;  meaning the opportunity for free Eclipse SWAG to those who tweet about Galileo.

Here is how it works.

1. Next Wednesday, when we officially release the Galileo packages I want people to tweet about their favourite Galileo feature  or simply the fact they are downloading Galileo.  Make sure you remember to use the #eclipse35 hashtag.  This will allow us to track the Galileo tweets on the Birds Nest.

2. Use the Galileo Birds Nest to give your twitter avatar a Galileo overlay.

3.  The first 100 people that tweet about Galileo, using the #eclipse35 hashtag, will be entered into a draw to win an Eclipse shirt.  We will draw 10 different names, so 10 shirts will be given away.

4. The ten winners will also be eligible for the grand prize of a free conference pass to Eclipse Summit Europe 2009 or EclipseCon 2010.  However, to win the grand prize the person must be using the Galileo avatar.   We will keep drawing from these 10 people until we have a winner.  If none of the 10 winners are using the Galileo avatar, we won’t be able to award the grand prize.

Looking forward to seeing all the tweets next week about Galileo.

8 Responses to Give a Tweet about the Galileo Release

  1. Wim Jongman says:

    What is the timezone for starting to count the first 100?

  2. Ian Skerrett says:


    We will start counting once the release is officially available for download. Should be sometime in the morning eastern time (New York City time) on June 24.

  3. Peter Friese says:

    Advantage Europe 🙂 We’re 6 hrs ahead – well prepared and wide awake 🙂

  4. Nick Boldt says:

    Here’s the timeline for the release:

    BTW, if you add a custom search for “#eclipse35” to and enable it in the left menu, you can watch the tweets unfold / drink from the firehose. Or log in with your twitter account and play in the stream too.

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  6. BoltClock says:

    Twitter search is outright refusing to index my tweets for some reason. Does this mean I’m totally out?

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