Eclipse RCP for Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Eclipse RCP continues to be used for some very interesting applications.  Yesterday I came across two organizations that were building electronic medical record (EMR) systems on top of RCP.

1) Elexis is an open source project in Switzerland that provides

An Eclipse RCP program for all aspects of a medical practice: electronic medical record (EMR), laboratory findings etc., as well as accounting, billing (swiss TARMED-System, other systems to be developped) and other daily work.

2) Lin Yong then sent me some links on twitter to a Karry Tech, Chinese company  that is doing EMR on RCP [translation].  So far, their  system has been deployed in 4 hospitals in Beijing and Shanghai.

Nice to see Eclipse RCP being used in some pretty compelling applications.

5 Responses to Eclipse RCP for Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

  1. Lin Yong says:

    Thanks, Ian.

    We started to develop the Hospital Information System (HIS) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) three years ago. We build the system as a typical Java EE 3 tier application. The presentation layer is on RCP, while the business logic running in the Spring Framework.

    Thanks to the RCP and Java EE, we can build a robust while easy to use application for any modern hospitals or clinics. In one of the hospital we deploy the application, the system can handle about 4,000+ outpatients per day, and 500+ beds for inpatient. It’s really fantastic.

  2. borisb6i says:

    Here is another RCP application from the medical domain: (demo)

  3. Ian Skerrett says:

    Boris, nice demo. Do you know why it is rated 18+ on YouTube?

    Have you found any links to Project Bones?

  4. Mark says:

    (this comment is a little late …)
    I am (re)building a Disease/Condition/Wellness management system with Eclipse RCP. It can also be used for any patient tracking too.

    I also have License tracking (medical, etc) that i am rebuilding in Eclipse RCP.

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