Announcing Eclipse Day at the GooglePlex 2009

We are pleased to announce the second Eclipse Day at the Googleplex on August 27, 2009 at the Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA.    Last year we had over 100 people attend this event, so I am very excited that Google has agreed to host another one.

The agenda includes technical sessions on some key Google technology that use Eclipse as the development environment, including Android, GWT and Google App EngineTerry Parker and Rob Konigsberg from Google will also be talking about how they use and deploy Eclipse for internal use at Google and  Joep Rottinghuis from eBay will discuss deploying Eclipse in eBay.  Finally we have some topical Eclipse project sessions, featuring OSGi for Eclipse Developers, Developing DSLs with EclipseDistributed OSGi and others.

The Google Open Source Office is sponsoring this event,  so there is no charge to attend.  Attendance will be limited so I suggest you sign up early.

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