Live (well almost live) from EclipseCon

This year we had the opportunity to record some of the sessions at EclipseCon.  Over the next month we will be rolling them out 20-30 recordings on Eclipse Live.

Below are links to the first 6.  Enjoy.

EclipseCon 09: Take the Fat Man Off your Application and it Will Run Faster

EclipseCon 09: IP for Eclipse Committers

EclipseCon 09: Enterprise Build System – Model Driven Architecture on PDE Build Runtime

EclipseCon 09: Experiences Visualizing Android Performance in Eclipse TPTP

EclipseCon 09: Building your First JPA Application with Dali JPA Tools

EclipseCon 09: Executing BPMN

4 thoughts on “Live (well almost live) from EclipseCon

  1. Is there any special trick or subscription that is needed to view them? I’d like to watch the “Fat Man” video (I noticed it the minute it popped up on the planet aggregator) but even after logging in, I’m not able to figure out how to watch it (and there’s no help on the eclipse live site either).

    Just wondering if it’s a problem on my part (my connection has been a bit flaky).

  2. Hi Kim — just tried at home on my home PC and works fine, ditto with my laptop. I tried IE and FF on both.

    What browser are you using?

  3. Hi Mark, Donald,
    I’m running FF with Adblock Plus and NoScript. While I had everything allowed, there seems to be some kind of problem with the javascript wrapper and these extensions. After I blocked javascript completely for that page, the player showed up.

    Thanks for confirming the problem was on my end.

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