Calling All Graphic Artists

I am working on three projects that could use the assistance of a graphic artist or at least someone with Photoshop skills.   If you are so inclined, all contributions are appreciated.

1. We need a graphic for the upcoming Galileo release.  You can see what was done in previous years for Europa and Ganymede.  I have opened a bug to collect contributions for this year.

2. The Pulsar Working Group needs a graphic and logo.  Pulsar is the new working group that is defining a mobile tools platform.  Contributions can go here.

3. We want to create a new brand identity for Eclipse runtime technology.  Many people think of Eclipse as being tools but Eclipse has a growing base of technology that is used by applications at runtime.  The Eclipse Runtime PMC is the home to a lot of this technology, but components of BIRT, Modeling and others also have runtime components.  More details about the branding of EclipseRT have been posted on the RT Wiki.   Suggestions can be submitted here.

Get the creative juices going and start design those graphics.  🙂

3 thoughts on “Calling All Graphic Artists

  1. If you have ideas for Athena, feel free to contribute in the aforementioned bug. I’ve been picturing something like a cross between one of Athena’s known symbols [0] and an explosive warning label [1], in that from a simple bit of code we can generate a lot of complexity. Also works with the Athena creation myth, in that she supposedly sprang forth fully formed out of Zeus’ head [2].




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