Google App Engine Support for Java and Eclipse

The big news today is Google’s announcement that Google App Engine will now support Java.  At the same time Google made available an Eclipse plugin to make it easier to write Java applications for App Engine.  This video provides a great demo of the Eclipse support.

Having Java support on App Engine raises a number of interesting possibilities:

1. What does it take to run Equinox on App Engine?  How would running Equionox and OSGi in the cloud change the requirements for the tooling and the OSGi standard?

2. If Equinox can run on App Engine, what are the other possibilities for things like RAP, ECF, etc.

3. Does it even make sense to have Eclipse IDE or maybe e4 running on App Engine?

4. What are the other possibilities for the Eclipse community?

Great to see Google’s support for Java and Eclipse.  It will be interesting to see what comes out of this announcement.

4 Responses to Google App Engine Support for Java and Eclipse

  1. Tom Schindl says:

    Well – there are many things not possible in AppEngine
    a) Not all Java-Classes available (should not be too a
    big problem because core of Eclipse (e.g. Equinox)
    doesn’t need too many )
    b) The real problem is this: You are not able to launch Threads!

  2. Simon Kaegi says:

    re: What does it take to run Equinox on App Engine?

    This should just work. When I get a moment I’ll put together a base starting point WAR file and write up a quick blog posting on it.

  3. Simon Kaegi says:

    Hmm… I take that back. Tom’s correct. The sandbox is going to make it tough to do this.

  4. Erkki Lindpere says:

    Yeah, besides not being able to create threads, you can’t write files, I think that might be the biggest problems with equinox in their sandbox. Possibly the file access could be replaced with the Datastore access, I think?
    Anyway, sounds like a major rewrite, although I don’t know much about equinox’s internals.

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