Designing an Eclipse Community Survey

We are making plans to field a survey of the Eclipse community.  The goal is to better understand how and what people are doing with Eclipse and open source in general.   We plan to open the survey next week and hope to publish the results in early June.

I would like to get some feedback on the actual survey questions.   We have already loaded a set of questions into surverymonkey.   Please let me know via comment or e-mail if you have any suggestions for 1) new questions or 2) new options to choose from.  As you go through the survery don’t worry about your answers, since we will be deleting any data entered up until April 15.

5 thoughts on “Designing an Eclipse Community Survey

  1. I think it would be interesting to see a question on the Java VMs used with Eclipse. For E4 we had some debates on the level of VMs Eclipse should support but I haven’t seen any usage data.

    Something along the lines: “Which Java VM you are using with Eclipse? (Multiple choices can be marked)
    – No idea
    – J2SE 1.6
    – J2SE 1.5
    – J2SE 1.4
    – J2SE 1.3
    – CDC 1.1 / Foundation 1.1
    – CDC 1.0 / Foundation 1.0
    – Other – please specify

  2. Questions to add:

    * When will Sun collapse? (1 week, 1 month, 1 year, never, who are Sun)
    * How long with host built products for (ever, never, until Bjorn gets his way)
    * How long will NetBeans last once IBM buys Sun? (hours, minutes, seconds)
    * Will we ever see the NetBeans girls again? (Yes, No, They’re NetBeans grannies now)

  3. On a more serious note, you probably shouldn’t equate ‘Git’ and ‘GitHub’. The former is the version control system; the latter is an open-source repository hosting site.

    Objective C has a space in it 🙂

    There were two questions on ‘which is your operating system’ – not sure if that’s a bug in the initial cut. I’m also not sure that it’s worth calling out so many variants of linux, at least in the OS section. But then it might have a difference for you …

    Build stuff – there seemed to be a mix of build environments (ant, maven) and continuous integration engines (hudson, cruisecontrol). Often, you’d use combinations of them together rather than a one-of-them approach.

    Re: contributing; you’re equating bug reports with code contributions. Companies might have problem with code contributions but encourage community interaction, bug reporting and so on. That’s a distinct step between ‘no feedback’ and ‘patch contribution’.

    Don’t know what else you’re looking for, but some questions you might consider are whether there’s a central distribution mandated by the company, or whether there’s internal update repositories that developers can subscribe to. I think both of those are different to the EPP model of ‘download a big wodge of code’. In addition, some more paranoid companies want to go through verification purposes from code and prevent direct downloads from the internet.

    If using Eclipse, what projects do you use regularly (CDT, JDT, EMF …)

  4. 4. -> Missing different IT businesses.
    14. -> Should be multi-check – Undecided what to check – too close together. – And missing JavaDB and H2 as option.
    15. -> Missing “None” as option

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