TweetUp and Blogger Party at EclipseCon

Each year I host a Blogger party on the Sunday before EclipseCon.  This year, I suggest we expand the scope of this gathering to include people on twitter;  sometimes referred to as a ‘tweetup’.  Of course bloggers are also welcome to attend but we might ask you to use small words and small sentences.

The party will be Sunday, March 22 at 7pm in the Hyatt bar.   Bloggers please leave a comment if you plan on attending.  People on twitter, please @replies or DM me, so I know how many to expect.

btw, if you are looking for Eclipse people to follow on twitter, this wiki page is a good starting point.  Feel free to add your twitter id if you are not already on.

btw #2, I propose the hashtag for EclipseCon should be #eclipsecon

7 Responses to TweetUp and Blogger Party at EclipseCon

  1. For once, I’ll be there Sunday afternoon. I’ll be there, and thanks Ian for doing this!

  2. Planning to attend. Thanks!

  3. […] Sunday evening you will find me at the tweetup / blogger BoF.  This traditionally takes place in the bar and is always one of the highlights of […]

  4. […] we have the tweetup on Sunday night.  Let me know on twitter if you plan on […]

  5. Craig Setera says:

    Hoping to make it.

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