EPIC 2.0

Eclipse Plugin Central (EPIC) is the place people go to find stuff in the
Eclipse ecosystem.   It has over 1100 products listed and 60 service and training providers;  gets about 140K+ unique visitors a month and generates about 150-200K click thrus to the sites of the listed products.   EPIC is pretty successful.  The unfortunate thing is that EPIC is old; actually the content management system it uses is old.

For this reason we have decided to rewrite EPIC, lets call it EPIC 2.0.   At a basic level we will move the product listings to a system built on Drupal. We have been using Drupal for Eclipse Live and have been pretty happy with it.   However, we would like to go beyond just moving the basic functionality to Drupal.  I would like to revamp EPIC to take advantage of different social media features, maybe integrate some of the comments from Gorkem and Boris about ‘Eclipse needs a marketplace’.

We have started a list of initial requirements.  However, we need your help and good ideas that you would like to see in a new EPIC or Eclipse marketplace.   We have opened a bug to start collecting ideas.  Now is the time to start contributing those ideas.

3 thoughts on “EPIC 2.0

  1. Drupal is an excellent choice, I use it for my site as well. Very flexible and has plugins for everything you might need.

    Drupal.org is an example of a community site with tons of plugins and discussions. It is powerful, but I often find myself lost there and I’m not sure we want to turn EPIC into an issue tracking system for all the plugins.

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