Recap of the Eclipse Banking Day in London

The Eclipse Banking Day in London last week was a great success. When we first started to plan for this event I did not know what type of response to expect. Based on the results of the event, I can definitely say Eclipse is very popular with the banks in London.

We had over 100 people registered and about 80-85 attended; 22 financial institutions were represented and as a nice surprise, 18 vendors that focused on the financial services market.

All of the speakers and sessions were great. We will be posting many of the presentations over the next couple of days on the event wiki.   Some of highlights were:

1. Tas Frangoullides session on describing Barclay’s initiative to use model driven development to implement SOA. Tas is an excellent presenter and the topic was very interesting. Barclay’s has created a toolkit that allows them to use Rational Software Modeler to model different web services and then automatically generate the web services using EMF, UML2 and WTP. They were able to prove their MDD approach when they were required to switch their enterprise service bus (ESB) 4 days before going live with a production system. It certainly sounds like a great use of Eclipse technology and a great case study of MDD and SOA.

2. Jeremy Nelson from JP Morgan presented their Eclispe RCP based OneBench platform for trading applications. JP Morgan has created a common platform that allows their development teams to plugin different trading applications. It is a nice example of creating an industry specific platform.

Besides the sessions, it was great to meet a lot of people at the event. There are certainly some interesting applications being built with Eclipse in the finance industry.  Thanks to everyone that attended and especially all the speakers.

I would also like to thank Actuate, Cloudsmith, itemis, WeigleWilczek and Sybase for sponsoring the event.  It was their support that made the event possible.