Open Source Executive Strategy Summit at EclipseCon

Last fall at Eclipse Summit Europe I was pleasantly surprised to talk to a number of companies that were formulating their open source strategy.  They has questions about different strategies and were interested in talking to people who have experience working in open source.  Near the same time, Matt Aslett from 451 Group published a very topical research note called ‘Open Source is Not a Business Model‘.  In the report, Matt presents a framework for an open source strategy and then a survey of how existing vendors map into the framework.

Based on these observations, there seemed to be an opportunity and a need to create a forum for discussion about what open source strategies are working today and what will work in the future.  Therefore, we at the Eclipse Foundation have decided to organize the Open Source Executive Strategy Summit.

The Summit is a 1 day event for business executives responsible for their organizations open source strategy.   The agenda features Matt Aslett of 451 Group,  Lawrence Rosen -respected expert on open source licensing, Paul Clenahan from Actuate and Jochen Krause from EclipseSource.   We will also have a closing panel titled ‘The Future of Open Source and Business’.

The Summit will take place March 26 in Santa Clara, CA the same location as EclipseCon.   Attendence is by invitation and is limited to executives responsible for an organziations open source strategy.    To request an invitation please e-mail

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