Welcome Jetty

One thing I have learnt while being at Eclipse is that creating a successful open source project and community is darn hard work.  I have a lot of respect for anyone who is able to mix great technology and a passion for community, that are absolutes for successful projects.

We have lots of examples at Eclipse but there are also lots of examples outside of Eclipse.   Jetty is one of those examples.  For those who might not know, Jetty is a Java Web Server that is very successful being an embedded component in different types of applications, for example Eclipse uses it for our help system, Zimbra embeds it and the Palm Pre is rumored to embed it.  By all accounts Jetty is great technology and a great community.  Greg, Adam and others have done a fantastic job making it happen.

This is why I am very excited that Jetty is proposing to migrate their project to be an Eclipse project.   Jeff and Wayne has already blogged about some of the technical aspects.   I believe having Jetty as an Eclipse project will be a great boost for our runtime initiatives.   I am sure we can also learn a lot from the Jetty community.  Hopefully Eclipse will help drive some more awareness and adoption of Jetty.

Welcome Jetty and the Jetty community.   Lets plan to meet at EclipseCon.

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